March Madness

At the beginning of 2019, I said that this year was a year of travel for Jordan and I. Most especially, me. I had already known about some trips and was excited for the year.

A few months into 2019, I realized that this year was going to have way more “surprise” travel opportunities. Surprise meaning things I hadn’t planned and wouldn’t have guessed! March was the perfect example. In March alone, I traveled to Las Vegas, Boston, and Los Angeles.

Las Vegas

I had planned to take some time off for part of Jordan’s break and just chill in Utah with him. However, I was asked to visit Boston for work and would have to shorten my PTO to make the flight. That same day, it started to snow these massive flakes and I was just done. Done with winter and ready for some sun!

We called up our Vegas best friends and within the hour were in our car driving for sunshine and friends! Because I was going to cut my time off short to catch my flight to Boston, I decided to work remotely in Vegas so that we could come back in time and still see our fam (bffs). It was just what we needed!


The day after we got home from Vegas, I was on a plane to Boston. No disrespect to my Bostonian coworkers or peeps out there but Boston was never on my travel list. 

The thought of going to the east coast and more north of Salt Lake did not sound fun in March. I was expecting it to be grey and cold. Plus, this was my first time going to a new city by myself so I was a little anxious that I would get lost or, I don’t know, mugged?

Lucky for me, quite a few peeps from work were on my same flight and that anxiety was gone! AND Boston had the same weather we had in Utah so that was easy to deal with. What I didn’t expect was how lovely the city was and, omg, the food!

I don’t think I can ever eat lasagna again. Without it being from the North End. Also, I loved the conversations with coworkers who I never see over wonderful food. The best sushi I’ve ever had–the fish melted in my mouth, it was so good. AND I learned I have some sort of shellfish allergy after eating lobster from the shell for the first time ever.  

Los Angeles

I had a weekend at home and then the following weekend I flew down to Los Angeles for my high school bestie’s bridal shower. Though I was only home a short weekend, I was able to visit with one of my oldest friends and play for a few hours in Santa Monica. We rented electric bikes, played with my new camera stabilizer, and are really good food.

I can’t believe in all my years of going to Santa Monica, I have never been to Cha Cha Chicken! P.S. their website is a little dated. Believe me, as a product designer, I know it’s bad but the food is delicious! It was sooooo tasty. Doug, also, let me have a minute to take some photos for the ‘gram. He was a great art director!

Put your desires out there

Though my March really was madness, I learned a powerful lesson of putting out into the universe your desires and working to make them happen. There is a saying, “pray as if it all depends on God and work as if it all depends on yourself.” Though I don’t think you should pray for worldly things (like travel), necessarily, I do know that by having righteous desires we are blessed. Through hard work and an eye to the glory of God, all things are possible. I am not denying how truly blessed and fortunate I am. Though I like to think a lot of it is due to my hard work, I know that it is nothing of my doing that has made me so fortunate.