Away: The Bigger Carry-On

Two thousand nineteen entails a lot of travel for me and with airlines’ cheapest flights being carry on only I decided to update my carry on to The Bigger Carry On by Away.

What I was looking for

My travel varies from a weekend getaway to a week (domestic) to two weeks (generally international). Thus, my carry on needs to be as large as possible while still being allowed in all mainstream airlines. I am also just shy of six feet tall and proportional, thus, I want a carryon that can handle my large shoes and various longer attire. I was also looking at additional features/perks like style, tech, warranty, and, ultimately, the cost to profit ratio.

The Away Bigger Carry On


First things first, Away has two carry on sizes. One that fits ALL airlines and one “made to fit the sizers of major US airlines, ideal for those flying on big planes or with extra outfits.” This fulfills my desire to maximize my space in a carry on. The Bigger Carry On was the perfect one for me since I generally fly domestic or major airlines when traveling internationally. In addition to the two sizes, Away offers various colors to their cases, allowing me to pick a stylish color that I think will be easy to spot and fairly unique. Away has a lifetime warranty so I felt confident that I would get the most bang for my buck.


As previously stated they have a quality case offered in many colors and a lifetime warranty. In addition to that this carry on has an optional external battery pack. Keeping my devices full battery while waiting in the airport or on the plane is pretty crucial to me. The germaphobe in me hates huddling near strangers to charge my device. This way, I am able to not be stuck to a wall unit while I walk the airport and people watch before my 10-hour flight.

Away is great because their actual case is really well designed, among having a variety of sizes/colors and an external battery. The carry on has a removable hidden bag, that I like to use for my dirty laundry while away. The hard case opens like a clamshell in the middle, each half has a different purpose. On one side you can put all your clothes and things you don’t mind being compressed because they have an awesome compressor. I utilize packing cubes and I still am able to compress the one side more! On the other side, you have a zip close, where you can put all your odds and ends, like shoes, hair accessories, makeup etc. I love this difference and how much my case holds!


I really enjoy my new carry on and I think you will too! There is no pressure either because Away has a 100 day no questions asked return policy, so if you get it and don’t love it you can return it with a full refund. Pretty sweet, right?


How to get $20 off

I have got a referral link for you! Fun fact, you get $20 off your purchase of any of their suitcases! Wahoo! FYI, Away’s referral program is only eligible when checking out on the US site.

  • Follow this link

  • Add any item that costs over $195 to your cart

  • Click “Checkout”

  • Sign in or create an account

  • Fill in your shipping/delivery/billing information

  • Checkout

  • Voila! You just got $20 off!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! Please leave a comment with what suitcase you love or if you purchase any Away luggage!

P.S. I should mention that I 100% paid for my own luggage and this is in ZERO ways a paid advertisement.. but like I wouldn’t say no to free Away luggage–you know what I am saying!