Mum & Davie Visit Us in Salt Lake

My mum and (step)dad, David, came to visit us in Salt Lake for a couple of days. Though the visit was short it was very sweet.

David hasn’t come to visit us.. like ever.. He was there for my college graduation but that was like three years ago. It’s not that he never wanted to but he was always busy. Finally him and my mum flew up for a long weekend.

My (step)brother, Adam, lives 30 minutes away and my other (step)brother, Reid, lives in St George. For the weekend, Reid shuttled up and we got to spend the time all together like it used to be when we were kids. The main difference is that both Adam and I have significant others who we live with. That being said, I did get a day with the parentals all to myself (and let my brothers take a day too)!

Around Salt Lake

On my day, I took my parentals to see some church things you can only see in Salt Lake. We visited the Salt Lake Cemetery and spent a good chunk of time driving around looking at and taking pictures of “famous” Latter-day Saints buried there! Here are some of my favorites that we found:


Family Time

As a family, we took family photos, ate good food, just hung and chatted, and had our brownie bake-off! I am very pleased to say that I won our “celebrity” vote (meaning I have two first place awards)! Davie won the popular vote.. which as we all know means I still took first place! Huzzah!

I can’t begin to share how much I enjoyed my time with my family all together. It really made me nostalgic for the younger days! But, I wouldn’t trade my life for the world and am happy it can still be like that after a decade (or more) of being apart.