Play Together Succeed Together

Team games succeed when players know how to work together. Collaboration is no different.

For my Bachelor of Fine Arts’ project, I collaborated with a fellow student on an exhibit about collaboration. We researched the topic and discovered that in order to be better team members one needed to understand collaboration and how to read people. Ultimately, we likened collaboration to a game.

A partnering brochure designed for this exhibit may be viewed here.

You can read more about creating the exhibit here.

Our interactive exhibit was built as a 3D space, allowing the viewer to walk through or stop and interact with the elements of the design.

Following the comparison of collaboration to playing a game, “game pieces” are used to help the user understand their teammates’ personality styles. The viewer can pick up the game piece to better read more information about that personality style.

For more detailed imagery of our brochure please view it’s own portfolio page here.

An element of the exhibit is the practice wall. Here the viewer is encouraged to test what was taught on the previous wall about reading others’ emotions. There are a total of 16 different expressions displayed where the viewer can then lift the plaque to show what emotion is being displayed and also how to tell, in case the viewer was unsure of the answer.